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July 1st, 2015

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11:40 am - Attack on Titan Panfandom

It was just like 100 years ago. No one knows exactly why or how this is happening. People, who claim to be from different worlds and have different lives, just suddenly started appearing. 100 years ago, the Titans appeared out of nowhere. No one remembers why or how they came to be. The Walls were constructed then to keep the Titans out and to protect humanity and we lived for nearly a century in peace.

Now, strange people, from strange worlds, are suddenly appearing. You find yourself in a world far different from your own or perhaps eerily similar, depending on the world from which you came. This is reality now. You live behind a city protected by three Walls: Maria, Rose and Sina. You are told not to go outside the Walls and that you cannot escape from this world, because this is all that is left of humanity.

Upon your arrival, you are greeted by a soldier. He seems a bit crazy, but he tells you that you have a choice to make now that you are here. You can choose to join the military or you can choose to live out your life here behind the walls. The technology of the world is not like modern technology. The most advanced vehicle is a horse-drawn wagon. Canons and guns exist, though they are limited in their resources. No television or movies are available. There are schools, bakeries, restaurants and other jobs available if you decide the normal life. Depending on where you are from, you are given a choice as to which wall you live within. If you choose to join the military, you are offered the option to attend cadet training.

You are informed that the top ten cadets of each class have the option to join the elite Military Police, those who work with the crown to keep the peace inside the walls. They live the furthest inside the city, thus the safest from the danger that exists outside the walls. This option is only open to the top ten cadets. The others have the choice of the Garrison Regiment, who will work to protect the citizens of the city, or the Scout Regiment, who set foot outside the Walls and work to take back lands already lost to our enemy. It's your choice what you do now that you are here.

Which option will you choose? What will be your fate?

Is there a way back to your world?


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Attack on Titan Panfandom - Anime Roleplaying

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